Introduction to Primescan: This is an informal evening for current CEREC users who are considering upgrading to the new Primescan.  After a short introductory lecture, doctors and staff will have the opportunity to try the Primescan to scan models or even each other.   Your CAD/CAM Specialist will be available to answer questions about cost and trade-in options.

Dr. Marcus is pleased to offer the following study clubs.  

Restoring Implants with CEREC: In this class, participants will learn everything they need to know to restore dental implants with CEREC, from start to finish.  Discussed will be:

     •Parts and pieces needed

     •Imaging efficiently and quickly

     •Designing, including screw-retained & split designs      

     •Gingival mask options

     •Finishing and delivery

50 Tips for CEREC: In this popular, fast-moving program, Dr. Marcus offers tips and tricks to improve CEREC (and practice) efficiency and technique.  Participants will learn:

     •How to be more efficient with your CEREC

     •How to best select your block, including zirconia options

     •How to select the correct milling burs for the restoration

     •How to improve your midline and occlusal planes

     … and many, many more!

High Permormance Materials: This is a great program to learn the latest techniques and materials to create high quality, high performing, highly efficient restorations.  We will discuss the  “5 Big Topics”  of restorative dentistry: Bond, Fill, Crown, Cement, Cure.  In addition to demystifying the types of zirconia and other crown materials, this program will offer options to become more efficient while significantly reducing the overload and cost of bottles and tubes in the dental office.